5 Simple Tips For A Healthy Fit Winter

1. Boost Immunity

It’s important to look after yourself in the winter months, eating well, getting enough sleep and keeping the body moving are important. I like to use Good Green Stuff in the morning mixed with beetroot juice as my kick start to the day. If I’m feeling shabby and feel a cold coming on I like to have a Good Green Stuff bar in the afternoon, they are easy to carry in my handbag or gym bag.

2. Eat Well

It’s hard in the cooler months to not eat those warm comfort foods, usually high in fat and sugar. So looking at good healthy options like soups and stews are great. I like to get the slow cooker out and cook curries in it, I pop lots of vegetables in and it’s easy, no fuss cooking. There are so many slow cooker recipes out there to choose from. Give it a try!!

3. Winter Training

As a cyclist in winter on those wet cold days I like to use my Bkool smart indoor trainer, it hooks up to my iPad or laptop and off I go, they have many programs and courses to choose from and you definitely get a workout. I also use my local gym to keep up my strength. Most gyms have spin cycle classes as well, they are great for your cycling fitness.

4. Sleep

Getting a good nights sleep is very important, I try to get 8hrs a night, my body needs that to recover from training and the day to day activities. If you find it hard to get a decent nights sleep, try an evening yoga or meditation class, you will soon be sleeping well after one of those.

5. Staying Hydrated

As the weather cools down we tend to want to drink less water. We need at least 2 litres a day for our bodies to function. Herbal tea is another great idea, I love the lemon and ginger on those cold days. There are many great herbal teas on the market. Most importantly remember when training to replace your fluids.



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Karen Webb – Masters Athlete, Massage Therapist & Wife and Mother of 2

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