Make Discomfort Your Friend


Over the last week I’ve been constructing an impending ‘Goals Seminar’ IT’S YOUR F**KEN LIFEI will present this to 100 people at JMT; we only have 70 tickets remaining, and someone will go home on the night with up to $2500. Besides the overwhelming eagerness and delirium to deliver its ZEAL, something dawned on me: we are born, we do some stuff, and then we die!

Holy s**t! Has anyone for any brief moment addressed the quality of their “Inner Circle” the friends we keep, the business we provide, the job we do, our current state of or our health or lack of? Many of us live as though we have forever, like we’re Peter Pan, like we never have to concern ourselves with growing old, being unwell and frail, being stuck in a bad marriage. “Hell, life’s not going by THAT fast”… SAID NO ONE EVER!

When did we lose the ability and freedom to explore the possibility of a life without limits?

Think back to when you were a kid; what was it you wanted to be? Marine Biologist? Astronaut? Superman? Supermodel?

As children we automatically act towards a pursuit of goals, immediately outside of what we can obtain instantly. Without even a consideration that our dreams wouldn’t come true! I don’t know about you but I jumped off many a roof top, beach towel sheathed around my neck, socks pulled up to my ears and some old family members belt lassoed around my guts expecting to fly… Just like Superman!

Seems to be the story of my life. And then we do some stuff, we get old and life alters our perception of our dreams.

If we are one of the fortunate few who don’t check out early, we may find ourselves sitting slumped in a plastic outdoor furniture chair covered in encrusted mould watching the local ducks bounce along the waterway wishing we had a shot at being an astronaut again.

  • Oh s**t! I didn’t even get close to using all my stuff!
  • I assumed I had forever, I wasn’t going to die, be frail, be lonely. F**k!
  • I didn’t even ask the girl of my dreams to marry me! F**k!

And now here I am, 85 years old sitting here wishing, hoping, praying that there is something more for me, more then ducks bouncing, jenga playing, sudoku Saturdays with my 90+ year old aged community! See, my opinion is that we avoid discomfort, and naturally so, discomfort hurts.

Telling your boss to stick his job up his arse and that his control freakish ways will no longer effect your life. Getting your health back on track by going to the gym 3 times a week and jogging in the mornings, it hurts, your muscles hurt, there’s discomfort. Declining the afternoon boutique beer with friends, because you know you can’t stop at 2, and that if you indulge you’ll be singing along to Cold Chisels Khe San at 11pm. Because this is embracing discomfort, this is making discomfort your playmate, your associate and your friend.

Thomas Jefferson stated in 1776 and I quote:

“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal: and nothing on Earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.”

In 2017 not much has changed!

So please don’t waste any more time, life goes by so so quick, I’m sure you would agree with me. Nothing is for certain, and nothing is for keeps, write some stuff down and dream some big dreams!

Imagine your life without limits, without your own self limiting beliefs, allow yourself the chance to be the YOUNG you again, dirty old beach towel for a cape, socks pulled up etc. Don’t put yourself in a shoe box and leap the f**k off the garage roof SUPERMAN!

This article written by

Jamie Milne – Strength and Conditioning Coach

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